Thursday, November 16, 2006

25 years at the Glendale Hilton

I can't remember the last time I worked with yellow, but I sure do remember the Glendale Hilton well. It used to be a Red Lion, but in spite of the name change, it has always been the site of the annual GPOA Police Officers' Luncheon - an event I covered twice. It was a tad weird to be back in a totally different capacity.

I had about an hour and a half to decorate a sweetheart table, a backdrop and a cake table, but I was able to finish in time to make a stop at Porto's for potato balls and a steak torta sandwich. Hey, I don't live near Glendale anymore, OK?

It's not hard to dress up a room that's already pretty nice. The seat covers belong to the hotel, not us.

I love this new technique my mom has been incorporating, also - using a trumpet vase, putting flowers (orchids mostly) in and filling it with water. It's a classy, simple technique.

The colors were yellow and silver - a 25th wedding anniversary. Man - a 25-year marriage warrants a medal, or something, but I suppose a big party works too.

And the yellow and silver doesn't look half bad together, either.

I know my last post was in June, but I swear I've decorated other weddings - like one at the Marriott Long Beach and others I can't recall anymore. This is just the one I happened to have both before and after pictures of.

And, as I was leaving the hotel, I noticed a bunch of guys were walking through in biker's chaps - not a sight you'd normally see at the Glendale Hilton unless it was the weekend of the Love Ride. And it was. I would've taken a picture of the guys, but that would have been rude. So I took a picture of their hogs in the hotel garage.

All pictures were taken by Darleene Powells.

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