Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tropically purple at the Pasadena Hilton

This was definitely not the beginning of my day Saturday.

By the time I got to Pasadena at about 2 p.m., I had already been up since 7 a.m. and walked at least two miles all over the Long Beach Convention Center, for the Long Beach Grand Prix. So I was already bone tired by the time I got to Pasadena.

This is what the ballroom looked like by the time were done with everything. However, I have to note that we did not provide those seat covers - those came from another vendor that presumably has a special contract with the hotel, since those square-backed ballroom chairs are unusual.

But I think I still managed to hit this one out of the ballpark -- or, considering its Grand Prix day, left this one in my dust. So to speak. OK, its late and I'm tired, my similes are less than stellar.

My mom does these tropical displays for folks she really likes. Heh. They always include the faux palm trees, a couple of tropical arrangements and Philippine display - this one has a bahay kubo and a caribou cart.

I absolutely love this arrangement. Yes, that is an eggplant hanging from the arrangement, along with string beans. I was so tired from running around the Grand Prix that I looked at the arrangement and asked with a bit of incredulity, "is that eggplant?" Yes. I was very astute that day.

And I love them mini pineapples. I wish they could be used in every arrangement.

Draping this wedding was massively tiring - I was in a sweat by the time I finished. And, oh, that wasn't the end of my day. I had to get back to Long Beach for what I called my second shift at the Grand Prix. Whew.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Purple, champagne and cherry blossoms, oh my

I was at the Glendale Hilton again last weekend. I'm getting better at this posting recently thing. Watch, next time, there's going to be just one day turn around, rather than just a week.

I love this photo. I was initially irritated that the guy got in my photo, but I realized that his presence gave scale to my mom's huge flower arrangement adorning the entrance.

Want more?
The purple (not the pastel type, but a jewel purple) looked really good with champagne.

But the really exciting thing was that my mom used cherry blossoms in these arrangements.

Cherry blossoms, if you didn't already know, only bloom once a year and for only eight days or so. So you can imagine that these were pretty expensive. But they sure are pretty!
And here's a picture of my mommy!

Next week will be a most interesting weekend. I'm supposed to cover (for work) the Long Beach Grand Prix and help my mom with a wedding in Pasadena. Crikey.

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