Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wedding Decorator hits the Sunshine State via the American Orchid Society

I have never before traveled to another state, much less across the country, to attend a wedding. So this is a first for me. This was also my first time at the American Orchid Society -- on an earlier visit to Florida, the bride, Belinda, had taken us for a visit, but they were closed at the time.

Belinda's colors were teal blue (I think) and bright green -- two colors I wouldn't have chosen for myself, but hey, its not my wedding. Above is Belinda's bridal bouquet -- packed with roses and dendrobium orchids tinged with light blue dye. The effect is easy to achieve -- just put pink/purple dendrobium orchids in water with light blue dye, and the dyed water seeps into the blossoms, changing the pink/purple to purple/deeper plum and the white to light blue.

The site for the reception was very small, really -- there were only ten tables. It would have also been great if the fountain had stayed on during the wedding, but I believe they turned it off because of the noise. The dance floor was alongside the deejay's table, at a platform above this area, to the left of this picture.

Just a word of advice if you attend a wedding in Florida -- unless you plan to be somewhere air-conditioned the whole time, and don't step outside at all the entire day, don't bother doing your hair -- its so humid, your hair will instantly frizz up or go flat. I learned that the hard way.

This is the table arrangement -- a trumpet vase with stalk of dendrobium orchids inside, surrounded by other vases filled with varying shades of blue water, with a candle floating in each one. I believe the flowers in the topper arrangement include roses, dendrobium orchids, larkspur and baby's breath. A closer look and more pictures are after the jump.

Normally, I would provide the name of the florist and a link to their site, if there was one available. But Belinda wasn't entirely happy with the flowers - she thought they looked a bit old and the florist hadn't bothered to remove browning petals. The baby's breath, which I actually don't like in arrangements anymore, especially with orchids, also looked kind of dry and sparse.

Another shot, looking toward the platform where the dance floor was.

The real draw of these types of venues -- botanical gardens and the like -- is how they look at night. The lush trees, exotic orchids, candlelight from the party and the lights of the garden are a heady combination.

There wasn't much of a cake table since there wasn't much of a cake -- more like a cupcake tower. This is apparently a new trend. I'm not entirely sure where I would lean toward -- I kind of dislike the awkwardness of eating cupcakes and muffins. But, if its cheaper - hey. Why not?

I have more pictures than these, of course -- just check them out on Flickr.

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