Saturday, February 23, 2008

Save a buck, get your own vases

Ever wonder where florists get those amazing vases -- you know, the type that you've seen here, with all sorts of flowers inside of them? Well, there's obviously a variety of places where you can get such vases, but if you're looking for a cheap place to find them online, I've got the site for you.

If you love eBay, you're in luck -- HJK Imports has glass vases in just about any shape, color and size your wedding-crazed mind could possibly dream up. For example, if you really love the cylinder vases, HJK has a batch of 18, 6-inch by 6-inch vases at the Buy It Now price of $90. That's $5 a piece. That's a steal.

There's a batch of trumpet vases available for even cheaper -- $72 for 18 15-inch vases. Dude!

I doubt you could get a better price even at a wholesale brick-and-mortar shop. Even Amazon doesn't have deals like this.

Here's a close up of one of the vases, from a past post. I'm pretty sure that most of the vases that my mom bought have been trumpet vases, but in my opinion, cylinders are just as good as trumpets, especially since you can put more in a cylinder than simply water or flowers -- you could put apples in them, or even pretty colored paper. Shoot, that's a good idea....

Anyway, HJK Imports also has a non eBay website here. If you peruse their site carefully, you'll see that they will be in Vegas for a trade show soon, and will be selling off all the merchandise they bring with them for more than 50% off their catalog prices. They simply don't want to have to bring their stuff back with them, but their laziness can be your gain.

If you were wondering how I came upon this site, it was actually passed on to me by the bride I was a bridesmaid for a few years ago. She found the vases on her own and my mom agreed to use the vases for the arrangements. When my mom saw the quality of the vases, my mom urged me to find out who she got them from. Heheh.

So if this is the look you want for your wedding, but don't want to pay the marked-up price for the vases your florist will provide, see if s/he will work with you -- buy the vases on your own and give them to him/her to put the arrangements in. Depending on the florist and his/her markup, you can save as much as $1,000, I should think.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, HJK is incredibly versatile and easy to work with. A great place to get value buys!