Monday, August 25, 2008

Wedding decoration ideas in the Ikea catalog

I don't know about anyone else, but the Ikea catalog that just seems to magically arrive without you're doing anything is massively dangerous for me. There are always so many thinks you can see in your own home, am I right? Anyway, as I thumbed through every page, I saw various possibilities for a budget wedding. Follow me inside the catalog...

On page 334 and 335 of the catalog is Ikea's vase offerings. All of them are really nice, with some lovely colors, but there are a few I'd really like to point you toward. I really like the BLOMSTER bowl, a glass, shallow bowl. They're $9.99 each and can easily be filled with water to hold floating tea lights or candles and a few blossoms.

On the same page, at the end of that top row is the SNARTIG (sorry, I have no umlauts) vase. This vase has a narrow mouth, so you can't have too many flowers in it, but picture it with some food coloring-dyed water (matching your colors, of course, with a white Casablanca lily or a similarly thin-stemmed, big blooming flower. Nice, huh? This vase is only 79 cents each.

Below it, in the middle of the second row, is also called a BLOMSTER vase, but this one is a bit cheaper at $3.99, with a small mouth, but a very round, almost apple like shape. I'd say you should also go with some big bloom flowers for this vase, also -- maybe a hydrangea or even a fully matured rose bloom. The flowers in this picture are also very nice; I think those are baby roses, but I could be wrong.

Next to that picture is the BLADET bowl, which is $12.99. It's a bowl, so you'll have no trouble putting things in it. The arrangement here is interesting -- they appear to be flowering roots in rocks -- but I would suggest something a little more flashy if you want it to be a reception centerpiece. Maybe colored water, maybe colored rocks? Shoot, you could even put a stack of Granny Smith apples or plums in there, depending on your color.

In the bottom row, at both ends, are more traditional vases. The BLADET vase is the most expensive of the bunch at $14.99, and its apparently 11 inches tall, which is not bad at all. There are so many possibilities for a vase like this.

Many possibilities for a vase like the second one that caught my eye -- the VASEN vase. Its 8 inches tall, and costs $1.49 each. I think this one might be the best deal of the bunch, really. It's got that interesting hour-glass shape and a wide mouth. And its cheap!

A couple pages over is Ikea's candle page. I really liked this section too and I think there are so many possibilities with these candle holders -- especially when you combine them with the vases. :)

The KARABODA lantern is really nice. It's made of glass and steel, is 11 inches tall and goes for $2.99 each. I like the texturing on the outside. However, I wonder if the handle on top gets hot?

The STOCKHOLM candelabra is really nice. It's pricey at $39.99, so maybe this would be something nice to decorate the cake table or sign-in table with. If you do use this candelabra, I think it would be very easy to decorate the foot of it with some flowers.

Check out the HALLARE tealight holder. I know that there are some who like the idea of the long guest tables that hold many on both sides of the table, rather than the round tables that have been in fashion for so long. A tealight set up like these would be ideal for ambiance along each side of the table. This tealight holder is 22 inches long. I can also see it being used on a round table, maybe 3 of them in a triangle, but with all the stuff put on a round table, there may not be enough room.

Next to the tealights is the GALEJ candleholder. I really like these. They're 9 inches tall and are $3.99 each. You can simply add a tealight with your color, or maybe add a blossom of some kind for a little pizzazz -- I think I've seen a gerber daisy used with a candle holder like this one.

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