Monday, November 28, 2005

Launching the Wedding Decorator

I've been a wedding decorator for longer than I've been a journalist, so I figure it's high time I start blogging about the many weddings and parties I decorate for my mom, Aida Barrientos.

First, some background.

When I was in elementary school, I remember getting ready for school and my mom rushing off to the Flower District in Los Angeles for her floral arrangement classes. When my parents got divorced when I was 10, my mom kicked her business into high gear out of necessity, but now is one of the most in-demand florists in the Filipino community.

Why just the Filipino community? Well, she is most comfortable with what she knows, and that would be Filipinos. Plus, now, she's on the verge of retirement, so she's slowed down some - no more two or three-wedding days, thank God! Those were killer days.

I realized the other day, as I was decorating at the Our Lady Of The Angels Cathedral in downtown L.A., that since I like to post pictures of what I do on Saturdays before going to work at CBS - I might as well create a companion blog. It's a concept that I have modeled from Franklin Avenue, who has several companion blogs - thanks for the inspiration, Mike and Maria!

Anyway, wedding season, much like Southern California's fire season, is year-round - May and June are known as the most popular wedding months, but after more than five years of helping my mom on a steady basis, I've learned that there really are no wedding months. This month is a prime example - my mom had one wedding for each weekend in November this year, but during May, was not really all that busy.

The frequency of weddings is directly related to the frequency of my posts to this blog - I can't really blog about a wedding I've decorated unless there is one, so don't expect real frequent posts. The idea of blogging about the weddings I've decorated (and dude, I probably have decorated more than you think is possible) is kinda exciting also, because this way I can add little notes about the hotels and churches we work with and other vendors we encounter.

However, I don't work as directly with my mom as I used to (when I lived with her), so I often don't have much to say about the couples or families in question, so don't expect any snarky gossip about monster brides.

I also plan to post more pictures, but in a size and quality that will make it impossible to for some eager-beaver florist to try and copy. I know all your tricks...

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