Thursday, November 10, 2005

Recap: Holy Matrimony Batman!

What is this you ask? Well, first, this was the wedding of my friend Moonie, more popularly known as the editor and publisher of Flavor and its predecessor Pinoylife. He decided to get married on Oct. 1, the peak of the fire season and sure enough - a brush fire was burning the hills of Burbank the day of his wedding and reception, which was at the Castaway, nestled right in the hills of Burbank. Oh, and yeah, my family and I also decorated the wedding, so we got to deal with all the fun wrangling with the Burbank police and fire departments, trying to get past the roadblocks so we could unload all our flowers and equipment. Now, I can put "decorating amidst brush fire" up there along with "decorating amidst Long Beach Grand Prix" on my list of things I've done as a florist's daughter.

There's the water-dropping helicopter flying into the hills, as my mom and her teacher Silverio feverishly put together their arrangements.

I thought this was a nice environmental photo of my mom - what do you think?

Oh, yeah - besides decorating amidst the flames, we attended the wedding too. I was so tired at the end of the night..... Unfortunately, to Moonie's disappointment, there was no flames lighting the hills as the reception went on. This was, however, the most fun and crazy wedding I've ever seen - and I've seen plenty. May King Choc Nut live on!

Lovella looked absolutely beautiful and actually, clicking through their online wedding proofs, she was absolutely photogenic this night too. Too bad I can't say the same for the other female in this picture.... *ugh*

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