Saturday, April 07, 2007

Purple, champagne and cherry blossoms, oh my

I was at the Glendale Hilton again last weekend. I'm getting better at this posting recently thing. Watch, next time, there's going to be just one day turn around, rather than just a week.

I love this photo. I was initially irritated that the guy got in my photo, but I realized that his presence gave scale to my mom's huge flower arrangement adorning the entrance.

Want more?
The purple (not the pastel type, but a jewel purple) looked really good with champagne.

But the really exciting thing was that my mom used cherry blossoms in these arrangements.

Cherry blossoms, if you didn't already know, only bloom once a year and for only eight days or so. So you can imagine that these were pretty expensive. But they sure are pretty!
And here's a picture of my mommy!

Next week will be a most interesting weekend. I'm supposed to cover (for work) the Long Beach Grand Prix and help my mom with a wedding in Pasadena. Crikey.

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