Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Changes afoot

I am not entirely sure who keeps up with this here blog, but I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't posted here since July. Now, a several-month interval between posts is not entirely out of character, but my recent blackout has been a prelude to big changes.

My mom has finally succumbed to a very deserved retirement (rather, she's taking less work on), so with my mom doing less work -- so am I. And so my material for posting will now dwindle dramatically.

However! I would still like to continue this blog, considering all the experience and wisdom I've culled in my days of decorating. So my question is -- what would YOU like to see here? What would YOU like me to talk about?

A few of my thoughts as to what I can continue to produce for this blog include:

  • Tips -- how to choose your venue, how to choose your florist, how to choose your deejay
  • Pictures of weddings I decorated before I began this here blog
  • My take on friends' weddings
  • How to be the friend with the awesome pictures at your friends wedding
  • My take on wedding-related news and trends
That's all I've got for now. I've also got a redesign in mind, but I'll just show that off when I get it ready. Anyway, if you're a fan of this blog and you want me to continue it, please comment and give me your opinion on these issues. Thanks!

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FlutePrayer said...

You might want to do a series on bad ideas that seem like good ones at the time. I once played at a wedding at the beach on a very cold day. At the end of the (New Age) ceremony, the bride and groom were supposed to unwrap a gift as their first act as husband and wife. The box was filled with butterflies that were supposed to fly away to symbolize their soaring love. It was so dang cold that when the package was opened, the frigid butterflies flopped to the ground, seemingly lifeless. The bride became hysterical at the evil omen. To their credit, the butterflies sort of revived as the reception progressed, but never really felt up to flitting away.