Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Aloha! Time for a luau and buffet

Consider this post and the one immediately preceding bonus posts, since I was MIA for two weeks. It's been busy at Wedding Decorator HQ, and unfortunately, not with weddings.

Pictured above was a backyard party with a luau theme. Most backyard parties are buffets, and that makes sense. Thing is, buffets are really easy to decorate. Everyone should take advantage of buffets.

Really, all you need is a few big arrangements. You can make them as creative as the one above, throw in a few apples, oranges or other exotic fruit. My mom loves using green beans (they're dangly) and eggplant (I think because they're purple), but I love it most when she uses mini pineapples.

Use a few boxes to give some varying heights to the table, throw on a couple of white tablecloths, and maybe some brightly colored fabric on top. Place your food dishes on the boxes, and maybe some flowers scrunched into the tablecloths. And enjoy!

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