Monday, April 14, 2008

Wedding Venue: Adamson House in Malibu

I'm always curious about how people find venues for their weddings. I'm thinking most people choose their wedding sites based on weddings they've attended in the past. I try to help people out by always identifying the spot where my Wedding Decorator pictures were taken. But since I'm not doing many Wedding Decorator jobs now, I'm thinking I may just start visiting venues on my own -- or crashing weddings. Won't you let me crash your wedding? *wink*

I figured that my recent "field trip" to Adamson House in Malibu would be perfect to share here. The spot is spectacular -- 13 acres overlooking Surfrider Beach. The house is a National Historical Site and a California Registered Landmark, so yeah -- you can't have your party in the actual house. But if you do opt to have your party on the grounds, you can opt to allow your guests take a tour from official docents.

There is not a lot of room at any one section on the Adamson grounds, so don't think you can have a 500-person party here. This lawn was probably the largest, flat grassy area, with that nice little nook next to the tree perfect for a sweetheart table, but the drawback to this area is that there is not much of an ocean view from here. It sure is quiet and peaceful, though.

The lawn next to the iconic star fountain is probably where most of the weddings are held. This is also the area with the most direct beach access.

Check out that view.

So here are the dirty details. Weddings are held at the Adamson house from April to October only -- I think. The cost to have a party on the grounds is $6,500 and they don't provide anything -- you would have to bring in your own chairs, tables, caterers, etc. But check out that view! Call (310) 457-8185 for more wedding information.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm not getting married anytime soon, but I do plan to tour the Adamson house when I go on vacation in a week. Looking forward to seeing the place.