Monday, May 12, 2008

Photos of Jenna Bush and Henry Hager getting married

Obviously, Jenna Bush got married on Saturday and all the news organizations have been buzzing about it. I kind of like how they handled it -- they opted for a private ceremony in Texas, didn't allow the press in and President Bush didn't try to make it a big public extravaganza, even though it could have helped his approval ratings. By the way, even though I am posting these photos, I obviously did not decorate Jenna Bush's wedding.

Photos handed out by the White House and swiped from

Details: There were 30 attendants (15 bridesmaids, 15 groomsmen!), Jenna's dress was silk by Oscar de La Renta, and President Bush commissioned a limestone altar for the ceremony that will be a permanent structure at the ranch. They probably needed a strong altar made of stone to support those huge ceramic (I think) pots of flowers sitting on each side of the cross - check that out! Want more? Read the Washington Post article.

The cake was pretty simple, sitting on a bed of flowers, with little bunches of flowers on each tier, plus a nice top of flowers. But really, do you want the cake to outshine the bride and groom? *wink* Also, is it a little lopsided? Ah well, its going to be eaten anyway, right?

According to the White House's captions, these were the bride and groom's table settings. The table is simply decorated, with a low arrangement with what looks like white and violet roses. The food and plates seem to have more decorative impact than the flowers. The tent they're in seems to be decorated with a disco-sized ball of daisies in the center, and what looks like paper hanging from streamers. I wish I could get a closer look.

I also like the favors gave out -- they're very Texas. A wedding favor from the First Family? I would keep that. Although, for any normal bride and groom, I would recommend you stick with candy or chocolate.

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