Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Flowers for tall arrangments

Photo by Flickr's lukwarmmizer

Dreaming of a tall flower guest table arrangements for your wedding? I can sympathize. Tall arrangements always look elegant and graceful. But it would surprise you what flowers work well for tall arrangements. Here's a hint -- a tall flower, like birds of paradise, don't do well for most tall arrangements. They're too heavy and prone to falling over. Above, you've got a very simple but striking arrangement. It's just gerber daisies and bear grass. You don't need a lot of gerbers for big color impact.

Photo by Flickr's blondytec

This arrangement is not your typical tall arrangement -- first, there's so much going on here! Goldfish at the bottom of the cylinder vase, black and white ribbon around the cylinder, then the bouquet (which was possibly used as a bridesmaid's bouquet?) tucked into the vase. If you go with doubling your bouquets as flower arrangements, that's smart to make your flowers go double duty, but you mind end up spending more for a vase that can support a bouquet. Bouquets can be heavier than actual table arrangements. Trust me, I know.

Here's an oldie, but goodie from my mom. The pedestals are made of steel, so they can support just about anything. But the arrangements are topped with dendrobium orchids, a type of heliconia, ti leaves, leather fern and oranges. The neck is wrapped with sinamay, and there are more ti leaves and oranges at the base. If you couldn't tell, this was a luau-themed party.

This arrangement is from one of my favorite recent weddings, in Whittier. This arrangement's vase has a dendrobium orchid inside a water-filled vase, and is topped with an arrangement of orchids, larkspur, stargazers, leather fern and bear grass. That's not a lot of flowers, and its actually pretty light. But it looks so pretty and elegant anyway.

This is from a wedding that I plan to revisit, but I can't remember the name of the reception site! I do remember it was in San Pedro, which I love. Anyway, this arrangement is on the same steel pedestals, this time the neck wrapped with red ribbon. But the weight of the pedestals allows for more flowers -- two types of orchids, gerber daisies, pink larkspur, roses, stargazers, and more I can't name.

My point -- with a tall arrangement, less is more, unless you're using a steel pedestal. Hehehe.

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