Friday, March 02, 2007

So much to like at the Friendly Hills Country Club

Ah, the Friendly Hills Country Club in Whittier. I literally grew up down the street from this place. When I was told I was going here, I knew I'd been here before, but I had no memory of the place.

There was a lot to work with here. Check out the huge fireplace...

...and the amazing scenery...

With all our stuff, can you imagine what we could do with this place? Well, I suppose you don't have to imagine.

I couldn't seem to stop taking pictures of this place. I mean, not only was it a beautiful day, and not only was the place gorgeous, the colors of the wedding were perfect - a light, yet high-impact champagne color that was more an elegant complement to the scenery, as well as the room where the reception was held. Plus there were those huge, bay windows - absolutely beautiful. The Friendly Hills Country Club really turned out to be a hidden gem.

Oh, but you know I'm not all about work, right? I absolutely loved that there were all these ducks waddling around. I absolutely love ducks.

Ducks, unfortunately, don't love me. I kept trying to get closer to take their pictures, but they kept waddling away from me.

Oh, but of course that's not it. I saw this sign as I was on my way out to my car. A unicorn crossing sign. I love it. I love it! A place that has a sense of humor gets high grades.

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FlutePrayer said...

Hey, I grew up near there as well! My family owned a bakery in Uptown Whittier before they retired. I've sold lots of wedding cakes in my day. Now I play at weddings instead. Nice work!