Friday, March 02, 2007

Family at the Long Beach Airport Marriott

Just now, as I was gazing at these pictures, I remember why I felt so tired on this particular morning. I had just worked a 4-midnight shift, but not only that - my tire on my new car had gone flat. So my husband had to come from Ventura to pick me up after my shift, and we drove back home together to Agoura Hills. Then, because I needed to get all the way to Long Beach by 8 a.m. to decorate this wedding, then get back to my work's parking lot, where I left my car, to take care of my tire - I needed to take my husband with me. I felt really bad for him, seeing as how he needed to do so much extra driving, so I left him sleeping in the car as I finished decorating. Anyway, this is the before.

Here's after. There are no flowers yet because they're still at the church - a money-saving tactic.

I forget exactly what was going on this day, but I believe there was some sort of function going on in the rooms before the actual reception. So all of the table arrangements were outside, waiting, but ready to go.
Of course, the requisite happy couple pictures on display, plus my mom's oh-so-fabulous arrangements.

I really wish I had been able to do more for this wedding, since the bride was my second cousin, Vanessa, below. She has really turned out to be a hottie! I couldn't even stick around to see her in her bridal gown, but ah well - I know I left her wedding behind in good hands.

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