Friday, March 02, 2007

The Pacific Palms in the City of Industry

It has been probably a year since I posted, so I apologize. So as a gift, here's one, no, two, no - three! - posts in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, I believe I had to leave for work before finishing this particular wedding, so I have a few closeups of the bridal flowers my mom crafted for this wedding.
Above is the bridal bouquet and my mom's brightly flowered blouse. Every bouquet is different, so while the long, trailing ones look pretty, they're murder to carry all day, so keep that in mind, all you brides shopping around for ideas.

I remember when we used to have to use those bouquet holders - the ones with plastic handles often with lacy collars. I am so glad that trends change, because those were a big pain in the you-know-what - they have to be put in special boxed holders because they couldn't be laid down, plus they were super heavy. These types of bouquets I like much more, and heh, they're easier to transport.

I'm proud to say I assisted my mom with developing her system of organization for bridal flowers. Remember - when you have a florist doing bridal flowers for you, make sure she labels everything so as to head off any fights. Heh. No, that hasn't happened on my watch, but I can just imagine a bunch of perfectly-coiffed, satin-draped bridesmaids, flower girls and sponsors fighting over....well, you know what I mean. Anyway, I helped my mom by first printing out each of her labels. My printing is very neat, but I got tired of it, so I began using computer labels, and a trend was born.

Putting baby pictures and portraits of the happy couple out for entering guests to peruse is no new thing, but my mom now likes to make it a big display. It's kind of a cool trend, but not one for my own personal preference. I do love those arrangements, though.

The backdrop - but instead of using the usual wedding color, which was green, with a compliment as the backdrop, I was given two types of silver to augment the very green arrangements. Different.

Most sweetheart tables are either round or half-moon. I prefer half-moon. This happens to be a piece of a banquet table, I believe. But it was not an unpleasing effect - at least the newlyweds don't have to scrunch their dinner settings together on a round table that's too small. Plus, I ended up getting a lot more real estate with which to work with.

This hotel, by the way, used to be known as the Sheraton Industry Hills and was also the site of my sister's debut/18th birthday party. Also, as a fan of the show Las Vegas, I believe its the hotel used for the show's hotel room scenes.

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