Friday, July 11, 2008

Find A Wedding Photographer: Christopher Becker

I am such a fan of photojournalism. Seriously. I've been enamored, sometimes even infatuated, with photographers that I've worked with in the past, they were so effortlessly talented. I like to think I attract similarly talented people. But anyway, combine photojournalism and wedding photography and you've got a recipe for incredible memories for life.

All photos by Christopher Becker

Only because I had a bunch of other posts in the queue, I'm only now blogging about Becker. He's a photographer out of Orange County and he's spectacular. Not only that, he seems to have massive fun as he works. Who doesn't want that at their wedding?

Above, is a wedding Becker shot in Colorado at the Roaring Fork Club (what a great name!). Hehe, with scenery like this, you don't need much in the way of decorations! By the way, you can click each photo for the full size.

I've only been a casual reader of his blog for maybe two, three months now, but the man really has a sense of what to capture. Check out the groom above, seeing his bride for the first time -- I love this photo. Society says men are not supposed to get emotional, but I love the tenderness of the awe and love in his eyes. I don't know about any other bride, but I'd want to engrave that image in my mind forever. This was part of Becker's all-time favorite wedding images post.

Again, here, Becker gives you details that you might miss in the hullabaloo that is most weddings. At this wedding at the Ponte Family Winery in Temecula, you might only focus on the rose petals, the gorgeous skies, the tastefully decorated trellis. But I love the details on the back row -- pink, black and white ribbons tied to the backs of the chairs in the rear. Cute and simple.

Becker, in his favorite wedding images post, said that this one was among his most commented images. I can see why! I love awesome, slice of life stuff like this. What a great story to tell the kids..."kids, when we got married, it was on the beach and it was a beautiful day, and while we were taking pictures, this nude old man walked by and gave us a dirty look..." Awesome.

Anyway, enough from me. If you think Becker might just be the wedding photographer for you, shoot him an email and tell him I sent you. But even if you don't think he's for you, here's what he has to say about choosing a photographer:
i'd say to meet with as many photographers as possible, narrow it down to the ones who's work they admire, then hire the photographer with the best personality match to the couple. after all, you are stuck dealing with your photographer long after the wedding and you are going to want to make sure you like that person.

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