Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Transportation gets cut from the wedding budget first

So if you were wondering what to cut from your mutating wedding budget first, here's what everyone voted on what to snip first: transportation. In most cases, this means that stretch limo, Hummer, Range Rover, Audi -- whatever. (I really did see a stretch Audi on Flickr.)

Photo by Flickr's philippebierny

So what does this all mean for you brides who must still get from Point A (the church) to Point B (the reception)? It could mean any number of things. Heck, it could mean a golf cart for you and your new hubby. This may be a little too out there for some, but if you happen to have your church and your reception in a relatively small, low-trafficked city, I think it could be a fun option -- sort of like the whole horse carriage thing, without the horses. Imagine all the fun you'll have waving at drivers as you go!

Photo by Flickr's urbanshutterbug

Trains seem to be a very popular option. I'm a big fan of trains myself, even though I'm from Southern California -- as a license-less college student, I used to haul train from Orange County to L.A. every day. That's another story. This appears to be an Amtrak train, and Amtrak just happens to have a page where you can request group reservations for 20 or more. Of course, you never know if they're going to stick it to you or give you a discount for a big group. If this is something you do, let me know.

Photo by Flickr's ohdebbieo

And, as I noted before, subways are an environmentally friendly and inexpensive option. I'm not clear if the photo above was taken in France, though. Anyway, this would be a great option for someone getting married with good public transportation. Here in Los Angeles, that might be a tad difficult -- maybe it could work if you were getting married at Our Lady of the Angels in downtown and having a reception at, say, the Renaissance at Hollywood and Highland or the Sheraton or Hilton at Universal CityWalk. Of course, then you have to wonder -- what will the guests do with all their cars? Yeah.

Photo by Flickr's coach_stacey

The above photo is a bride (rocking a non-white dress, no less) and groom....in a canoe! Now, I don't know for sure if they were being taken to their reception, but it is labeled wedding transportation. At any rate -- how cool is this?? I would love to be rowed across the lake to my reception.


Shruti said...

Darleene, the subway appears to be the DC Metro, judging by the map in the background. I have a small obsession with transit maps.

darleene said...

Heheh. I remember that!