Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Flutist's wedding at the Padua Hills Theater

All photos by FlutePrayer

Apparently, a flutist like FlutePrayer attends a lot of weddings! The same weekend she attended that lovely wedding at the Los Angeles County Arboretum, she played a duet at this wedding at the Padua Hills Theater. I actually am unfamiliar with the Padua Hills Theater in Claremont, so this is a treat for me, too.

The lovely bride and groom walk back down the aisle, happily married. I love that the bride chose purple -- did you see those bridesmaids in front of the gazebo? Purple is such a strong color, plus it denotes royalty. What else could you ask for in a color? It really pops against white, but also looks so elegant paired with silver.

You see what I mean? Purple table cloths and white rose petals? Wow! So romantic. By the way, those glass vases holding up the guest table arrangement look slim and elegant, but they're actually quite strong. I've placed many a heavy arrangement on those vases, but the trick is to place the arrangement without overextending it. You don't want it to tip over into your food.

Ah, and the arrangement itself. Those look like stargazers, pink orchids, pink larkspur and possibly carnations. The overall effect, with the glass reflecting the candles and the purple table cloths (such an easy, yet eye-popping detail) -- elegant.

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