Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Find a Wedding Photographer: Lori Anderson

The best way to find a wedding photographer is by referral in my opinion, and I'm about to give you a testimony. Meet Lori Anderson, freelance photographer.

Photos by Lori Anderson

They say a photo speaks a thousand words, and I really think that Lori's photos speak for themselves.

I have a background with Lori, by the way. She and I worked at the Cal State Fullerton Daily Titan together, her with the website and me with the news side. I can tell you from experience this woman works hard and smart.

In college, Lori blew me away with her forethought on our newspaper website -- which won many awards -- and not only that, when she began designing, she became the designer I wanted designing my special project. Really.

So if you're lucky enough to come across Lori in your quest to plan your wedding -- ask her not just about her photography, which is beautiful, but also ask her about designing your wedding site and maybe your invitations. Talk about one stop shop!

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