Saturday, June 14, 2008

Unique candle decorations for your wedding guests

In my time decorating weddings, candles on guest tables are mostly sitting inside a glass votive and sometimes go unlit. What a waste! I'm of the opinion that if you're going to spend money on it, make it stand out. So I bring you some ideas on how to put candles on your guests' tables, thanks to Flickr.

Photo by Flickr's macro girl

Candlelight, if you think about it, already makes itself stand out. So if you do a little to it, it stands out a lot. The caption on this photo even tells you how -- use a shot glass instead of a glass votive, put some colorful (in this case, purple) rocks in the glass and sit the candle on top. Voila! Custom candlelight.

Photo by Flickr's The Facey Family

This candle, for example, burns in water, atop rocks and pink gerber daisies. How creative! Give your guests some color! All it takes is finding some cheap, cylindrical glasses at your favorite discounter and asking for some extra gerber daisies.

Photo by Flickr's Nomad7674

This set up is also a nice touch -- you've got your regular votives and candles, but just add feathers! Nice.

Photo by Flickr's Klatuu

I also really love this twist on your usual arrangement -- an arrangement of candle light, accented with yellow rose petals. These graduated hurricane candle sets are really not that expensive -- $13.99 for a set at Target!

Photo by Flickr's Emily Grace

I gotta tell ya, I love this idea -- its so simple, but genius! All it is is different sizes of candle holders, with lacy candle vase coverings. It kind of amplifies the power of the candlelight, especially with the mirror its sitting on. It's very efficient, too, I should think -- not only cheaper than flowers, it helps your guests see each other (whereas big flower arrangements tend to block people's views).

Photo by Flickr's andibob909

This might be my favorite idea of all. This bride bought tea light holders from Target's Halloween line. How simple! And, if you buy them after Halloween, they're probably discounted. has several types of tea light holders. Say you get the Hot Pink Tea Light Holder for $9.99 -- you can basically have a guest table centerpiece for $9.99, along with ambiance and light. Sweet!

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