Monday, June 02, 2008

Just a few flowers needed at a St. Louis loft-style reception

As a florist's daughter and former wedding decorator, I know I should encourage brides to inundate their weddings with flowers and decorations. Honestly? You don't need a whole lot for big impact. A friend of the Wedding Decorator (also a fellow journalist), Shruti Mathur, sent over some lovely photos of a wedding she attended recently in St. Louis over the Memorial Day holiday. Yes, I know, its already June 2, but I was on vacation. And it was my birthday. Anyway, on to the wedding pictures.

All photos by Shruti Mathur

When it comes to a party, think of what you need -- good food, good conversation, maybe some light (although, that's optional) and enough decor to enhance the surroundings -- not become the surroundings. That's what happened here. These are orchids strewn artfully over the guest tables around votive candles. In a space like this one, I don't think you need much more.

With money being tight all across the board, choosing a high-impact color like red can go a long way in a gorgeous space like this one. This wedding reception was at Windows on Washington, a loft-style space in St. Louis. In this picture, you get to see some of the cool features of the room, like the exposed pipes and gorgeous brick walls.

By the way, this bridesmaid's bouquet is pretty, right? It's very simple, very colorful, wrapped in blue ribbon. Oh, but wait, there's more!

I'm pretty sure these bouquets also doubled as centerpieces for certain tables -- probably sponsor tables or wedding attendant tables. It's a good way to make the flowers play more than one part and save some money.

Here's the all important sweetheart table. Incidentally, I love this photo, since it captures the little boy tracing his finger along the window also. But you're not interested in that! This sweetheart table is topped with an elaborate bouquet with vibrant red gerber daisies, roses and orchids. Oh, but wait! I think this arrangement looks familiar -- it also served as the bridal bouquet.

Here's a side view of the sweetheart table. The whole place looks so charming.

Mmmmm, cake. Wedding cake is almost always better, too. This cake is almost a decoration unto itself, banded with blue ribbon. Red orchids are also strewn on the table -- nice contrast.

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