Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seaside wedding in York, Maine

Wedding Decorator pal Shruti Mathur has come through again. I think we can officially christen her the Wedding Attender, because she's got a lot of weddings to attend this summer (even after attending several last year, including one yours truly was also present at) and has promised to document each wedding for your viewing pleasure.

All photos by Shruti Mathur

This past weekend, Shruti lets us tag along at a seaside wedding in Maine. Weddings outside California always fascinate me -- I've seen so many weddings, but in my mind they kind of run together. Possibly, that's because I decorated a lot of them, so most of them have a style I'm very familiar with. No matter.

The wedding, a Jewish one, had a really gorgeously decorated chuppah, the traditional canopy stretched between four poles. It symbolizes the home that the couple will build together. At the last (and my first) Jewish wedding I attended, the chuppah was held up by four of the groomsmen -- I believe. This one was anchored by large flower arrangements, punctuated with bright pink and orange Gerber daisies. Not only that, check out the garland-sides of the chuppah, and the ribbon streaming down the poles! Very festive, very pretty.

It seemed like there were at least two types of guest table arrangements, each with a bright mix of flowers. The one above seems to have a mix of blue hydrangeas, orange roses, plus some blue and purple flowers I can't identify without some help. :) It's all in a vase that looks to be lined with a wide leaf -- maybe a ti leaf. Below...

You've got a similar set up, instead with mostly green flowers rather than bright blue and purple -- green-tinged white roses and green spider mums. I also like the trend of putting a colored stripe on the guest table over the table cloth. It dresses it up a bit without going the route of a full overlay. And if you didn't notice the best detail, that would be salt water taffy scattered around the arrangements. People, candy always works. Trust me. And I love it that they used what was local to the area.

The wedding, by the way, was held at the Dockside Restaurant in Maine. So of course, you have a nice view of the dock.

The cake, I gotta say, is as bright as any of the other flowers used at this wedding. I kind of like it though -- it definitely tells me something about the couple, that they're bright and fun. Decor along the bottom of the cake looks to be orange baby roses, ivy and orange Gerber daisies where the branches start.

Last but not least, the gift table....but it looks a wee bit small. In fact, the decorations and candy take up most of the space! I'm thinking the reason for this is that a lot of people opt to ship gifts straight from the couple's online registry -- which, in my opinion is easier for everyone all around. No wrapping gifts (and messing it up), no hauling it to the wedding, plus no one in the bridal party has to haul it from the reception to the bridal suite, then it has to be hauled from the bridal suite to the couple's new home. No, no. Get it shipped, people. It's a lot easier for everyone.

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