Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cake table decorations on Flickr

I have a whole slew of pictures of cake tables I've decorated, but you know what? I want to show off other styles of decorating, that aren't as involved or intensive as some of the stuff I've done, but are still gorgeous. After all, it doesn't take much -- a swish of the hips, a smile and some fabric usually do the trick. Just kidding. The fabric does help though.

Photo by Flickr's boscobridalexpo

For example, above you've got a photo from an East Coast bridal show company, Bosco Bridal Fashion Show & Expo. This picture caught my eye, because 1) there are three nice cakes here decorated in different ways, including with gift wrap ribbon, faux fruit and faux flowers, 2) because they're sitting on very nice stands that are understated but still give each cake some height and 3) because it uses some fabric in a very simple way. Really, the hard part is finding fabric with that shimmer, crinkle and texture. However, I usually pin fabric down, since you never know who will brush past it and mess it up. Just sayin'.

Photo by Flickr's hobbs_luton

Ah, another cake with ribbon and some faux flowers, sitting on a stand -- this time a silver, polished stand. Very nice. The table is draped with some burgundy tulle, attached to the table along with what looks like cymbidium orchids and rose petals. Another nice touch. Don't forget the rose petals!

Photo by Flickr's lisarunolfson

This one is so cute and simple. I think that the table decor complements the cake, as adorable as it is, perfectly -- it matches the shade of pink exactly and the pink linen bow on the short, white tablecloth over the floor-length pink tablecloth doesn't detract from the artistic cake. Nicely done, and so simple, too!

Photo by Flickr's boscobridalexpos

Here's another offering from Bosco Bridal Expos -- sand! at the foot of the wedding cake! Does that not look beachy or what? I suspect the sand is actually brown sugar. But how creative! What other edibles can pose for objects we normally wouldn't (or, at least, shouldn't) eat? Grapes as pebbles? Black licorice as wood? It would be like constructing a gingerbread house!

Photo by Flickr's hunkdujour

I normally try not to say one is my favorite over another -- but I really love this one from hunkdujour, who, by the way, has one of the greatest Flickr user names. Anyway, the cake table is all lit up! From below! And its got red rose petals! Over a textured, sparkly tablecloth! I love it! And never mind the fact that the cake itself is kinda cool too, with a spiky frosting thing going on, but the table set up here is just awesome.

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