Thursday, September 04, 2008

Coolest Save-The-Date idea EVER

I've gotten a few save-the-date notices myself, and not to knock them, but they mostly range from a simple card to magnets. The engraved corkscrew to the left, for example, is a pretty unique idea, but probably a bit more expensive than what is needed for what is essentially a notice. I think cards and magnets are pretty standard. In fact, I think most of the discussion on "Save the Dates" is about wording.

But in surfing my wedding blogs the other day, I have come across what may be the coolest idea I've ever seen.

Via The Ink Spot, I present to you a movie trailer-style video "Save The Date:"

'Getting Married' Trailer from David Malki ! on Vimeo.

This video, I swear, is so well edited it really looks like a movie trailer. Plus, I like that they chose to go with Vimeo rather than YouTube (Vimeo and, in my opinion, are the best quality video-sharing sites online). Plus, if you shoot and edit the video yourself, all it takes is some work on your end, and its free, and environmentally friendly -- no sending out pieces of card or paper that will just be thrown away! And I think its a lot more personal.

OK, enough gushing from me. What are some of the cool "Save The Date" ideas you've seen?

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