Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Wedding planner books and guides

I was at Barnes & Noble last night with my husband and I wandered near the wedding books shelf. Wow, there are all manner of wedding guides, planners and books, aren't there? It seems a waste of money to spend $25 or more on a book that's going to tell you what to do...oh wait. That's a good chunk of the book industry. Never mind! :)

In all seriousness, are these wedding books truly helpful to you, you brides-to-be in prep mode? I am all about lists, but I like to create them on my own. In a way, I wonder if a book with just wedding decorations, flowers and what to expect would be more helpful (maybe that's why I've come to enjoy writing this blog!)

At any rate, it has become quite the racket, and I'd like to contribute to helping cut down the confusion by asking this question: Is there a guide you would recommend more than another? There are more than 252,000 wedding-related books listed on Amazon. In the past, I've even seen a book telling a groom-to-be what he should be doing...although, I have to wonder how well read that book was!

But seriously, which book would you recommend and why? I am really interested. Tell me in the comments or shoot an email to darleene -at- gmail.com.

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